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Don't take things at face value, here's an example why

I've written before about how people should really consider the actions of a group, rather than what they say. Some groups tout the fact that they are for animal rights, but their actions really speak otherwise. Many are actually for animal welfare (which does not keep people from using animals at all).

Actions speak much louder than words.

Case in point: The Ottawa Humane Society has organized a fundraising dinner. Great, right? A vegan meal served by a group that cares about animals... and hopefully for an audience of people who love animals.

But, not so fast...

Turns out that they are serving animals meat on that menu. Surprising, right?

Local animal rights group have asked the Ottawa Humane Society to remove all animal products from the dinner menu for the fundraiser. Yet the group has made it clear that they will not be doing that, but that they are offering a vegetarian meal option.

How did the Ottawa Humane Society respond when questioned about serving animals at the gala? One of the points that they made was that the society is an animal welfare organization, not an animal rights organization. That's why it is so important to know which you support and know which organization's support before you donate your money to them.

Just think of how many vegans and animal rights supporters unknowingly gave money to the Ottawa Humane Society, only to learn they are holding a meat-based dinner for 300 guests.

You can read the full article about this issue here.


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They need to make the connection!

These fundraisers happen all the time


What a cop out. Unless they're serving all organic, free-range animals, they're not even supporting animal welfare. Factory farms can't be "animal welfare" by any standard.

My local shelter also has annual dinners featuring factory-farmed meat.


I totally agree, Kathryn!

Peas - I agree! They just don't seem to get it, even though the really should!


I read of something similar that happened in Florida last year. Tsk tsk!

Off topic: Your animals killer counter gets me every time. :-(


Yes, I actually reported on it happening here last year! Argh... Read today's blog post! :)

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