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A Vegan Leader, Saved! Gary Yourofsky's work continues!


Just over a week ago I wrote asking if we could save Gary Yourofsky, a vegan leader. You can read the post  here. Much to my delight, I woke up to an e-mail this morning from Gary that said a sponsor came through for his vegan outreach tour. This is wonderful news!

Gary has had an anonymous donor offer to be his main sponsor for the vegan tour. Now he can continue his wonderful work and reach people across the country. I couldn't be more pleased!

The animals and the vegan community need Gary to be out there doing what he does best, which is telling it like it is and making the light go off in people's heads. He has a passion and gift for what he does and he is the best that I have seen do it. Seriously!

Whoever this anonymous donor is, thank you! You have done so much to help animals and advance veganism! I really hope that you realize what an important and profound thing it is that you have done. Thank you!

When I sent that blog post around I asked that people pass it on to others so the message would get out. I was also happy to see the responses I got, both in the comments and through e-mail, from people who said they would be willing to help support the cause. We all want him out there spreading the word, because he does it so well. It is nice to see so many people willing to take action!

...and the show goes on, starring Gary Yourofsky! What a great way to start the day!

Want to help support Gary's activist efforts? Send your donation to:

P.O. BOx 725
Royal Oak, MI 48068
or send it via Paypal to:


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Count me in!

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