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Pamela Anderson and the law of Supply and Demand

This week there were news stories of Pamela Anderson visiting India on behalf of PETA to ask them to avoid leather. Could her efforts have been better served saving the airline ticket and spreading the good news right here in America? Possibly...

At the same time, Tandy Leather reported that their sales were up in November. Just in November the company sold $5.9 million, compared to $5.2 million last November.

Following Pamela Anderson's visit to India many claimed that it will help decrease the sale of leather. I venture to say it will have a minimal-to-no-impact. Once the excitement of her visit wears off people will be most likely back to business as usual. And business includes a lot of leather. The sales statistics prove that.

Until the consumer is educated and feels compelled to stop buying leather there will continue to be sales of it. This comes down to the simple law of supply and demand. Even if you could get one country to stop buying or producing, another will take their place. As long as there is a demand there will always be a supply, coming from somewhere.

It is not about asking manufacturer's to stop making it or prime ministers to stop supporting or using it. This, like all other animal use issues, comes down to supply and demand. To help curb and eliminate demand it comes down to education, and informing the consumers. When their demand goes away, so too does the supply.

Will Pamela's visit have any type of impact on the leather trade in India? Time will tell. The answer to this question will be seen a year from now when you compare both year's sales numbers.


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In my opinion protests against leather would be better served by vegan outreach. As long as people are still eating beef, there will be a leather industry. If people stop eating beef, then leather would disappear from the shelves.

If you tell people to stop buying leather because it supports the beef industry, that is of course going to be meaningless to a populace who supports the beef industry by eating beef!


Thanks for your comment. Excellent point, thank you! I totally agree with you.


Great post, I agree. It is a similar problem as our health care system. We can throw money at forever and change laws, but the fact remains that we spend over 150 billion dollars on obesity related illnesses each year. The only way to stop this is not to tax food, rewrite bills, spend more money, but to educate. Teach about nutrition, including the benefits of a vegetarian diet that can lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease in America. Bit of a tangent there, but I think the principle your getting across is the same. It all stems from education and awareness first. Banning something won't help.

Thanks for the post and something to think about.
- Tommy

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