Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Sales Down
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Visiting Tallahassee

Tallahassee 006 
This Thanksgiving week I spent a couple of days in Tallahasse, visiting my sister and her family. We found some good vegetarian food at the deli in the New Leaf Market. So if you are in Tallahassee and need a good vegetarian meal, you can find one there. My husband and I had a delicious black bean burger, while my kids had the vegan grilled cheese. The menu had many other more vegetarian options available as well, including falafel, a vegetarian reuban, tofu, Tofurky sandwiches, and more.

I also wanted to share this picture below that was outside of a bank. It surprised me because it seemed to have more of a vegetarian message, rather than the typical Thanksgiving messages that I see that involve the word "turkey." I thought it was interesting and great to see this bank post a pro-animal message.

Tallahassee 008


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