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Vegetarian Awareness Event - Port Orange Florida


A friend and I have been putting together a local Vegetarian Awareness Event through the Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society. So if you are in the Daytona Beach area, please stop by and help pass the news around to others!

We wanted to do this in October, for Vegetarian Awareness Month, but we were not able to get a place reserved until this month. But it should still be great!

The event will be held at 2:00 p.m. at the Port Orange Library on Sunday, November 14, 2010. Everything is free and is open to the whole family! We will be showing the movie "Food Inc." and giving away free vegan food samples. We will also have literature to offer regarding vegetarianism, and we will have some vegan cookbook giveaways!

I must say that I am quite impressed at this point at how helpful vegetarian companies have been in helping to provide items for this event. Following the event I will post pictures, details and let you know who all helped with what!

Looking forward to a great event! You can see my letter to the editor regarding this event here.


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