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November 2010 Vegetarian Awareness Event at Port Orange Library

Today we (the Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society), held a vegetarian awareness event at the Port Orange Library. We planned to show the movie "Food Inc." and provide vegan food samples, as well as give away some vegan food products.

While I had hoped some people would show up for the event, I was blown away by the turnout and response! We had to get more chairs and then we ran out and there was standing room only left. People got to eat a variety of vegan foods, including mini muffins, Gardein beefless tips, hummus and blue corn chips, chickpea salad, tofu salad, crackers, vegan gummy bears, chocolate soymilk and vanilla almond milk, and bagels and vegan cream cheese, among other things. We had a great response to the food and people had a lot of questions for us.

We also set up a table filled with literature about veganism, coupons, recipes, etc. In addition, we had a giveway of vegan products at the end (vegan mac and cheese, vegan worcesteshire sauce, crackers, and even vegan cookbooks).

The response for the whole event was incredible! People were genuinely interested in learning more about where their food comes from and the process it took to get to their table. They watched the movie, ate, asked questions, and nobody left empty handed.

A big thank you goes out to all those who came out to the event today!

And for making it possible, big thank you's go out to Edward and Sons for providing a variety of vegan products for people to try (mac and cheese, sauce, crackers, gummy bears, etc.), to gardein for providing all the beefless tips samples and coupons, and to VegFund for funding the purchase of a wide variety products for people to try (soy and almond milk, tofu salad, chickpea salad, vegan bagels and cream cheese, hummus and chips, etc.).  Thank you to the fabulous Vegetarian Resource Group for providing us with lots of great literature to offer people. And, thanks to the News Journal for putting the information in there twice to inform people about the event, and thank you to the Port Orange Library for allowing us to have such a great set-up and place to hold this event. We look forward to many more!

Behind the scenes, thank you to Carolyn, Terri, and my husband, for all their help! :)

Here are pictures from today's event (you can see more on our Facebook page here):

Veg event 031 

Veg event 032 

Veg event 046 

Veg event 059 

Veg event 061 

Veg event 063 

Veg event 065 

Veg event 066 

Veg event 069 


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Congratulations! That looks like an awesome turnout!


Thank you, Kristina! It was wonderful! It has also inspired us to do something each month starting in January.

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