November 2010 Vegetarian Awareness Event at Port Orange Library
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Introducing VegSavvy

Today I created a new vegetarian blog, called The idea of this blog came as a result of the successful vegetarian awareness event that I did this past weekend.

While at the event I realized that there were many people who were really wanting vegetarian-related information. They were seeking recipes, answers to questions like what to use instead of eggs and dairy in baking, and about some of the benefits of vegetarianism.

I have had this blog (VegBlogger) linked off of the Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society (DBVS) website for a while now. At the event I told everyone to log onto the DBVS website to find more information and keep up on local events. With them going to the DBVS site they find the link to this current blog. I thought bout it for days and I think some of the information on this site may scare them away. If you have read my blog for any amount of time you will know that I often focus on some deep issues or vent frustrations regarding those who eat animals. I don't think those things will serve the purpose of furthering vegetarianism. They may be of interest to other vegetarians, but not exactly helpful to those who are just starting to become interested in learning more about vegetarianism.

Thus, the idea of VegSavvy was born! That site is going to focus on providing information, tips and recipes for someone who is interested in learning more about vegetarianism. It is a blog that will pick up where my personal outreach efforts leave off. Just wanted to let you all know! :)


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