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Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Sales Down

So according to the U.S. Census Bureau there are around 242 million turkey's that will be raised, slaughtered, and eaten in 2010 in America. The good news (I know, with 242 million turkey's being slaughtered it is hard to find good news), but in 2009 there were 250 million turkey's raised and slaughtered and in 2008 there were 271 million. So turkey production is actually down by 8 million this year alone. That's good news!

That's a lot of animal cruelty. That's a lot of crap. That's a lot of environmental damage. That's a lot of artery clogging cholesterol. That's a lot of people turning their heads away with the problems surrounding choosing to eat a bird on a day that focuses on being thankful. Did I mention that is a lot of cruelty?

We have a vegan Thanksgiving each year. I wish that for others as well. There is no reason to inflict such cruelty. A cruelty free Thanksgiving is not only possible, but it's better for the animals, the planet and your own health.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here is an article I wrote last year on this topic, that is still relevant:

Turkey's on Steroids



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