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Response to the Practical Vegetarian article Huffington Post

I just finished reading this article here about what the author is calling being a pratical vegetarian (as if we needed more labels!). My thoughts? It's another approach to vegetarianism that includes nonsense. The person basically eats vegetarian most of the time, but out of convenience they will eat "whatever" and be greatful for it.

The person lost me with this near the beginning when I read this paragraph (emphasis added):

"A Practical Vegetarian is someone who almost always eats plant-based food when that choice is available. And when that choice is not available she is open to eating whatever food is indeed available and does so with gratitude. The difference between being a strict vegetarian versus a practical vegetarian is the world of difference between easily following a kind diet and struggling to stick to a strict regimen."

The problem I have with the whole "practical vegetarian" approach is that I don't consider non-vegetarian things to be "food." So apparently the "practical vegetarian" still sees animals as food items. Hmm... I find this problematic that they have not disassociated animals from their idea of what is considered food.

Furthermore, I have stuck to a vegetarian diet for 15 years and have not found it to be a struggle. And in the last five or so years it has gotten even easier, as there are vegetarian products readily available all over the place. Anyone who finds it a struggle to be a vegetarian is not trying very hard and is looking for an excuse to munch on some "meat."

If you ask me, this is nothing more than a "part time" vegetarian or a "flexitarian." And there is nothing practical about that.


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I emailed him directly:
Look, when I ate 99% of my meals as a vegan but occasionally ate fish or seafood ... 4 times a year perhaps, I was chastised by vegans for using that moniker.

As my travels take me to places where I often cannot make other arrangement I often have to make "do." You either decide to be a vegetarian or vegan or you decide your culinary choices depend more on what's available. I've from time to time taken the turkey off the bread and had a piece of wilted lettuce sandwich. I wasn't happy about the turkey touching the bread but I wouldn't eat the turkey.

If you're just eating "practically" you really haven't made any kind of commitment to vegetarianism but you're definitely eating a better diet for yourself, the planet and the animals.

If your friend made you something with dairy after a 10 year absence and you had lactose intolerance would you eat it to be "nice?"

From a practical standpoint fast food is really really practical but even as a former carnivore there came a time when I realized that it was no more than junk and I would go out of my way to find something different. You have to be willing, when things aren't convenient or *practical* to put in the effort and stick with your convictions.

Thought provoking post though.

I think you'll find following my travels from a culinary standpoint somewhat amusing.

It's Marty's Flying Vegan Review at:




Excellent points, Marty! I love that you pointed out that if are eating animals still you haven't made a commitment to vegetarianism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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