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Happy World Vegetarian Day! Plus, My 15th Anniversary

October 1st is considered World Vegetarian Day. The month of October isCelebrate dubbed Vegetarian Awareness Month.

So happy World Vegetarian Day to you all!

October is also a special month for me because it was 15 years ago this month that I went vegetarian. It was something I had been working my way toward years prior, but that was the month that I took the leap and changed my life. That life changing decision ultimately lead to helping to influence others, such as my husband to go veg, to raise my children to be compassionate vegetarian beings, and influencing many other people to go veg, give up fur, switch to almond or soy milk, greatly reduce meat consumption, etc.

I would say that around four years of that (so far) has been spent vegan. All 15 years has been spent being dedicated to having compassion toward animals and supporting the animal rights movement.

Let's make it a great month. And here's to the next 15 years, which I will be spending vegan (yes, I'm getting more comfortable with calling myself that)!


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