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Dancing Avocado Kitchen Review - Daytona Beach

If you are looking for vegetarian food in Daytona Beach you are sure toOctobr 114  
find some at Dancing Avocado Kitchen. Located in the trendy downtown Daytona Beach area, you will find them at 110 S. Beach St.

Dancing Avocado Kitchen has a motto that the carnivore and vegetarian can dine side by side. Their menu includes a variety of animal laden dishes, as well as a nice list of vegetarian and vegan options (including daily specials). While I dined there today for lunch it was not the first time I've been there. Over the last four years of living in the area we have eaten there probably half a dozen times before.

In the past I liked their BBQ tofu sandwich, which was now absent from the menu. I have also been there for breakfast and had their tofu scramble.

Today my husband and I ordered an Earth burger (veggie burger), servedOctobr 115 with potatoes, and a "Dancing" avocado melt with soy cheese, served with a cucumber salad. To drink I had the unsweet raspberry tea.

The service was friendly and the food was good.  The service was good and I did like the food and appreciate all the vegetarian options to choose from. It's also nice that they offer outdoor patio seating.

All in all I was happy with today's visit and will go back again soon. I like how they allow you to substitute items on their menu (e.g., soy cheese for dairy cheese, tofu for meat, etc.). I also like the location of the restaurant (I love going to Beach St. to dine!). I'm looking forward to going back and trying some of their other vegetarian dishes and will certainly be visiting more often now. Two thumbs up!

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