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Living in Florida there is no shortage of farmer's markets around. And I'mVeggies 001
thankful for that, because I love them! I usually go to the one in DeLand, at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. It's held every Wednesday morning and there are loads of great deals.

This morning I spent $30 and got all the stuff in this picture... lots of great fruits and veggies and at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the grocery store. Granted, they are not organic (which I would prefer), but purchasing all organic is quite expensive and limiting. Besides, even the grocery store only has a small organic section. 

Buying from your local farmer's market reduces your carbon footprint, saves you lots of money and helps you eat nutritionally for less. Log onto Local Harvest to see where farmer's markets are in your area.

Examples... we love artichokes. At the grocery store the artichokes are $3.99 EACH. I just got 3 artichokes for $1.75 this morning. Red peppers ar the grocery store are $3 or more per pound. This morning I paid $1.00 for two (I could have gotten some that were 3 for $1.00, but they were smaller). Loads of deals!


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