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Review of Denny's Vegan Veggie Burger

Recently I wrote about how Denny's now has a vegan veggie burger onStuff 014
the menu. They are now offering an Amy's patty, you just need to ask them to leave the cheese off.

This week I got a coupon in the mail for Denny's and decided it was perfect timing, as I wanted to go in and try the vegan veggie burger. My husband and I both ordered the vegan veggie burger with fries.

Generally we are not Denny's fans. There is usually no food that I care for there and I find most of them in need of a good cleaning. But I'm game for trying any vegan veggie burger, so it brought me in.

Unfortunately, the only time it will bring me back is if I'm on the road traveling and there are no other options. In that case, I like that I know I could get a vegan burger there. But otherwise I highly doubt I will set out to go to Denny's again anytime soon (or not so soon).

The burger was "okay." It's far from the best veggie burger I've had in a restaurant and it's not the absolute worst. But it is not one that would bring me back time and again for a meal. They seemed to fry it in a lot of oil or a deep fryer, making it oily and crispy, yet with very little flavor.

And like most Denny's experiences I've ever had, the restaurant was sorely in need of a good cleaning.

Have you tried it yet? If so, what did you think of it?


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That sucks, but I guess it is about what I expected. It seems like they could do it a lot better if they wanted to, and it wouldn't be too hard. I guess I'll have to do the same thing, only going if Denny's is the only option...


Sam, let me know what you think of it when you do try it. I am glad they are now offering a vegan burger. But I just wish it tasted better (and the restaurant were cleaner) so I'd want to go there more often. :)



Funny, that's usually how I find Denny's too.


That is funny! I had asked my friend if she wanted to join me there. She doesn't know my thoughts on Denny's (we've never been there together, nor have we discussed the place). The first thing she said was that she tends to think Denny's is dirty. Yikes! Perhaps someone should let Denny's in on this dirty secret and fill them in that people find their restaurant in need of cleaning! ;)


The thought I have is, "How are we going to keep mainstream restaurants thinking about adding and keeping vegan options if we don't support their decisions economically?"

Does it really have to be the 'best' burger we every had or just good enough to be glad, when we're in some out of the way place, (as I often am), that I do have an option?

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While it may not have to be the "best" there is, I don't see anything wrong with demanding/seeking out quality. Just because someone puts a vegan item on the menu I don't think that alone means it should be supported. We dine out at restaurants for taste, convenience and atmosphere. If it fits the bill for the person, then great. If not, then they should not give their hard earned money to mediocre dining options.

As I stated in my review, if I'm traveling and there are no better options around, then I will go there again. But otherwise I will not. There are far better vegan veggie burgers offerd at restaurants in my area that I'd rather spend my money on.

Thanks for your feedback!


Do we know for sure that the bun is also vegan?


Good question, Michelle. I'm going off the assumption that it is, based on first reading the news from VegNews. I think they would have checked into that and said if it were not vegan. But they said you just need to request that the cheese be left off (on the menu it comes with cheese, unless you order it without).

Here's the link to the VegNews info about it:


Wasn't there threat of Burger King pulling its veggie burger? And Subway?

I agree that we need to support those restaurants that at least try. I would think, however, it's very easy to have a veggie burger on every menu. It's frozen and premade :) But if the place is icky then it's hard to spend any money there ;)

Yes, I've given Denny's feedback on the state of the restaurant. Most of the IHOPs are not so clean here too. It must be a breakfast thing.


I haven't been in an IHOP in years, so I don't know how clean they are...

I disagree that we necessarily have to support restaurants just because they try and put out a veggie burger. I think if it is good it should be supported. But their subpar or mediocre attempts should not be supported. Omnivores do not lower their standards and settle for buying subpar food simply because a restaurant puts it out there (granted it is subpar, but they actually like it!), and I don't think we should either.

We vote with our dollars. If you put money toward something that is subpar and doesn't taste good you are voting in favor of it. I don't want to do that. I'd rather let them know that I think it needs improving.

Thanks for all the feedback you always give, Jessica. I appreciate it!



P.S. I remember trying the Burger King veggie burger years ago when it first came out. Didn't like it. Haven't been back there since. I will not support buying it, when I don't care for it, simply because they have it on their menu. Their attempt has not earned my business! :)

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