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I moved to the Daytona Beach area four years ago. Before that I livedMedi1
nearly a decade in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas I absolutely loved Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe. Great food!

Since moving to Florida I have been searching for mediterranean food as good as it was at Paymon's. In the Daytona Beach area I have been to (and liked) Pasha's Middle East Cafe. I consider the food at Paymon's to be excellent. The food at Pasha's is good. Today we decided to try a restaurant called Mediterranean Experience. It is located at 174 N. Beach Street in Daytona Beach. Good location, disappointing food.

The menu looked promising and a guy outside told us the food isMed2
wonderful and that he eats there several times per week. So we headed in. We started out by ordering vegetarian stuffed grape leaves (dolma), followed up by falafel pitas with fries.

Nearly 45 minutes later our appetizer arrived. Yes, it took that long to get our appetizer! We have eaten a lot of stuffed grape leaves in my days and these were the absolute worst ones that either my husband or I have ever had. They were served piping hot, large and tasted nothing like the traditional stuffed grape leaves we have eaten for many years (normally they are served cold, small, have a delicious refreshing and lemony taste). These were horrible.

One hour after placing our order we got our falafel pitas and fries. TheMed3
pickle was a sliver so small they should have skipped even putting it on the plate. The fries were oil soaked and had no flavor at all. The pita was pretty much the same. The pita was very tough and chewy and there was very little flavor to the whole thing.

We were in the restaurant one hour and 20 minutes. They weren't busy, they just had a few people in and out besides us.

While the vegetarian menu at Mediterranean Experience looks good and promising, it fails to deliver. As I sat there looking around I noticed we were the only one eating such dishes. Everyone else in the place was eating pizza. This is not a place I will go back to.

In the Daytona Beach area when I want some falafel, stuffed grape leaves and/or hummus, I will either go to Pasha's or stick to making it myself at home.

Boy, do I miss Paymon's!


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