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Last week I wrote how Sheetal on the MasterChef show abandoned herWhite-tailed_deer
ethics by publicly saying she is opposed to killing living creatures and then doing so (she killed the crab). You can read my post here.

What I wanted to point out this week is that she has no problems or ethical qualms about cooking an animal if someone else has killed it.

Just 15 minutes into today's show she prepared a venison (deer) dish without hesitation.

This proves once again the disconnection that people actually have with their "food." Faced with a live animal she cried about having to kill and cook it. Today it came to her killed and not looking anything like the animal it once was, so she had no reservations in cooking it.


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Isn't it wonderful that she had a CHOICE as to whether or not to kill that animal?! Isn't it wonderful that she likewise had a choice as to whether or not to cook the animal flesh?!


Hi Jacqueline. I was just wondering what happened to my comment that I made about 10 hours ago; it never showed up. Do you know what happened? Thanks.


Sorry, Fritz. I have seven articles due tomorrow and have been super swamped. It's posted now!
I agree, it's all about the choices. And even though she may claim to be so ethical and that she was raised to care about animals, her actions show otherwise.


Thanks, Jacqueline! Glad we are in agreement about the choices she so freely made.

Good luck with those articles!


My pleasure, thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it!


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