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MasterChef Contestant Throws Morals Out the Window

I like watching shows like MasterChef on Fox. Tonight there is an episodeSheetal where they are preparing live crab. There is one contestant (Sheetal) that appears to be Indian and is appalled by the idea of having to kill the live crab.

She cries, says it's against everything she has been taught in her home and religion, etc. She said she has been raised in a vegetarian home and has been taught that all living animals have a soul and that she has never personally killed any animals.

She wrestles with her moral conscious as she decides if she should go against who she is and kill the crab or not. What does she do?

She kills the crab. She apologizes to it and then goes on to say that she is proud of herself for having gotten through it.

Makes me sad that this person went against her morals and everything she has been taught, all in the name of greed and a contest. I would have loved to see her stand up for her beliefs.

In the end, the judges like her crab curry dish and one actually says that the crab is probably "happy" to give its life and be in that dish. Are you kidding me?

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.


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I love seeing vegetarian chefs on tv too but wonder about some of the challenges. You'd think that the show would respect her and not make her do that. :(

I saw the Iron Chef America episode with secret ingredient of broccoli. Did you see that one? I'm still wondering what was up with marshmallow. And Alton Brown kept saying there was no protein. She blogs about it here:

Interesting to see and interesting to read her thoughts post-show. Hopefully we have more vegetarian chefs on tv that stick to their morals and show how wonderful the food can be cruelty-free :)



I agree, I wondered about that as well. They have cooked meat dishes on this show and she has participated, but this was the first time they had to kill the animal in order to prepare it. So she must be comfortable using animals, so long as she is not eh one to kill it.

I haven't watched the Iron Chef America show, but I love that it was broccoli. Very cool!



Since I avoid watching food shows that include animal flesh, I tune in to very few of them anymore: normally just the ones that feature cakes and other desserts.



I can totally understand that! I have had to tune out on occassion. But... I never miss an episode of Christina Cooks! Love that show and it's all vegan.



I was appalled by this episode. Not only the women raised Hindu giving up her beliefs (I too was hoping she would refuse) but the other contestant that tortured the crab by starting to dismember it while still alive. Boiling the creatures alive is probably just as horrible. Anyway, that's the last thing I'll watch (I turned it off at that point) with Gordon Ramsay. Very disturbing.



You are right! I saw that as well and forgot to mention it. The one woman pulled it apart while still alive. Chef Ramsay even called what she did "inhumane."

I like Gordon Ramsay. I don't necessarily like everything they do on the shows, that is for sure. But I do like he's so straight forward. But I do have to turn it from time to time because of the un-animal friendly subject matter.



The thing that really drove me nuts is that they are given a mystery box full of ingredients each episode and they are to cook the best dish they can using as few or as many of the ingredients as they wish, so she did not even have to use the crab.

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