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Leather Sales Up in August

It is hard to believe that people even want to wear leather (or anyCow  
animal products), but the industry and those who wear it have done an excellent job of convincing people it is something special.

I read today that leather sales were up 7 percent in August 2010, compared to the same month year ago. Year-to-date sales are up 8 percent, reaching nearly $38 million. You can read the full release here.

You can click here and see one of the companies that sells full "hair-on" hides of cows, pigs, deer, etc. I look at these images and it saddens me.

But I don't hate Tandy Leather for doing this. They only do it because there is a consumer demand for it. If people would stop buying it, they would go into a new line of business.

Leather sales are up and sadly you can buy a full hide of animal right online and have it shipped directly to you. All the cruelty involved is kept out of sight, out of mind.

Until the demand for such disgusting products like this ceases to exist, companies will continue to put them out there because there is a lot of money at stake.


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I was thrilled to find two very nice, almost all-vegan belts at Walmart in June! This was in Arkansas, where we had gone to visit my mom and her husband. Made me wish there was a Walmart close to us! At Target and Ross, the two stores within walking distance of where we live, I usually had a hard time finding nice, almost all-vegan belts, so I sometimes, sadly, bought leather ones. Kudos to Walmart! I look forward to shopping there on future trips!


You'd be surprised at how often you can actually find vegan belts if you look around. My husband wears belts daily and always wears vegan ones. I don't wear belts though. They are also available online!


Yes, thankfully, I discovered that vegan belts are available online. Nice to know that is an option if I should ever need another one before we can get to a Walmart.

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