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Donald Watson's Birthday

Today is the day that Donald Watson was born 100 years ago.

As many of you may recall, he is the man who coined the term "vegan" and was vegetarian for at least 16 years before that.

I have written a couple of posts over the last year that mentioned him, you can read them here:

Is Vegetarianism a Gateway to Veganism?

Vegan or Vegetarian? Choosing a Label

Additionally, you can check out an article that VegNews magazine did with Donald Watson several years back. You can find that here.


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What a great contribution Donald Watson made to England and to the entire world! I'm glad he was able to live a very long, healthy, rewarding life. Thank you for mentioning him in your very interesting blog, Jacqueline!

And thank you as well for those two excellent posts, "Is Vegetarianism a Gateway to Veganism?," and "Vegan or Vegetarian? Choosing a Label! Like you, even though my diet and other choices are predominantly vegan, I prefer to call myself a vegetarian, for the very reasons you listed.

I always look forward to reading your fine posts. So glad I found your blog!


(Sorry, I meant to put quotation marks after 'Label,' not an exclamation mark.)



Thank you for feedback. I really appreciate it!

I agree, Donald Watson was great! He has made a huge impact that still has people talking and acting today. It's wonderful.

Glad I'm not alone when it comes to the choosing a label. :)

Thank you, I'm so glad you like the blog!


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