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Denny's Offers Vegan Burger

Denny's has offered a vegetarian burger for quite some time. But nowDennys_logo
they have made a positive switch and are offering a vegan burger (bun included!).

This is great news for anyone who likes to grab a quick vegan veggie burger on the run and especially for those who are traveling (because Denny's is just about everywhere!).

VegNews is reporting that it is all vegan, with the using the Amy's brand veggie burger. Just be sure to ask for the cheese to be left off, because the menu says it comes with cheese.


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One of the things I love most about these various places serving up veg burgers (other than being able to go out to eat with the hardcore carnivores without a bunch of grousing) is that I can try different veggie burgers without buying a big package:)

I'll have to check it out!


I agree, it's so good that they offer this. At least the option is there. Plus, Denny's sends out a lot of coupons, which usually end up in my recycling bin. This makes it a decent option for people wanting to dine out on a budget! :)


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