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Most Michigan residents make a trek at some point to the little townMichigan 2010 199
known as Frankenmuth. It's a quaint little place that is bustling with energy. Some great year-round shopping opportunities, entertainment, and breweries keep people busy. Plus, the place is known for it's good food.

Since we were visiting someone just 10 minutes down the road in Vassar while on our vacation, we decided to see if there was anywhere we could eat in Frankenmuth. Much to my suprise, Zehnder's, one of the most popular restaurants there, had a good looking vegetarian menu.

So after our visit we headed straight to Zehnder's. The old Bavarian-styleMichigan 2010 205
restaurant is charming and we enjoyed the experience. I had the butternut squash ravioli, which was very good, and my husband had the Sicilian sub, which he also liked.

If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Frankenmuth, be sure to check out Zehnder's. Although it is famous for serving up chicken, they have a appealing vegetarian menu, and the food and service were both very good.

Michigan 2010 206


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Sid Dunnebacke

My family and I have visited Frankenmuth many times through the years, and it was only recently we discovered the vegetarian menu. What we wonder is why those choices aren't part of the main menu - the veg menu is only given on request.


Hi Sid,

Thanks for the feedback! Go back again... it's changed! Their vegetarian menu is right on their Web site and it's also a fixed insert inside their regular menu. We never indicated that we wanted a vegetarian menu. We knew ahead of time they had one because of their site, but we just sat down and got the regular menus. Nobody knew our vegetarian preference until we placed our order. I opened it to immediately find the list of vegetarian options. So maybe you had to ask for it before, but no longer! And they have some great options! :)


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