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One of the reasons I don't like to refer to myslef as a vegan is because I have a cat. Every time I buy food for her I am reminded just how unvegan of an act it is. I have tried in the past to have my cat eat vegan cat food, yet she refused and went on a hunger strike.

My daughter has been wanting to get kitten for about six months now. Our cat is 16 years old and in this day and age all she really does is sleep for the most part. My daughter begs her to play, but she lazily walks away.

So we decided to go ahead and get a kitten that the kids can grow up with. We adopted one from the Edgewater Animal Shelter this week.

While I am still uncomfortable about the food aspect of feeding my cats, I'm still glad that we rescued her from the shelter. Each year there are around 4 million cats and dogs euthanized in shelters. Not adopting them will not make the disgusting meat or pet food industry go away anytime soon... so I believe it is best to adopt and save a life.

Here's pictures of the newest addition to our family:

Michigan 2010 361

Tristan kitty 022



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Jeez VegBlogger, good point about avoiding the term Vegan because you have a cat. Two cats live with me and I ambivalate (I don't think that is a word, it just seemed to fit here...think of it as a form of ambivalent) often about their diet. I would try to veganize their food but one has a severe heart condition and the other fellow has food allergies out the wazoo and finding a food that doesn't put him in the hospital is incredibly difficult....once he gets stable you just hang on until the next disaster. A very thoughtful post, thanks, and....cute kitty and cute kiddos.



In my opinion, buying non-veg pet food is not consistent with a vegan lifestyle. That's one of the reasons I've never been comfortable using the term for my lifestyle. My cat refused vegan cat food and I don't have other options at this point, or I'd take them!

To really fit the definition of vegan you'd either have to stick with pure vegan pet food or avoid having the pet all together I suppose... interesting topic!


Congrats on the new baby - he's totally adorable and the kids look they're enjoying him. (Making the assumption that it's a boy...) I follow vegancook101 on Twitter and there's constant discussion about vegan diets for pets...maybe give it a try with the kitten even if the 16-year-old is set in her ways?



It's a girl! My apologies, I should have wrote that in the post...

I have been thinking about that as well (starting her on a vegan diet). But I am not sure I could logistically pull it off with trying to keep their food seperated... it is certainly worth considering/trying, though!



Congratulations on the new addition to the family :) She's pretty! How's she doing with the 16 year old?

I agree about the cat food. One of my furkids was recently diagnosed with a heart condition and I tried all sorts of food to get her to eat the medicine. Even if I was able to convince her not to eat the food full of meat, so many of the pills she's on are flavored with beef. She doesn't like beef so that's why I have to disguise it with strong smelling catfood.

However, one day while I was eating a lovely tofu scramble, I found out another cat loves tofu! Go fig :) No, I don't feed her tofu. I know she has special nutritional needs my human diet won't supply but still! So cool :)


Thank you!

It hasn't been bad at all with the 16 year old cat. She pretty much just ignores her. If the kitty goes near her she hisses, but otherwise acts like she's not around at this point.

I'm not surprised about the tofu. My 16 year old cat loves chips! If you eat chips she comes running. I always take one and break it up small. She loves them!


I think you can still call yourself vegan. A big part of being vegan is respecting who animals are and allowing them to follow their natural behaviors. Felines are carnivores, that's who they are and there's no getting around it. Unlike us, natural carnivores can't make ethical choices about what they eat.


Peacegal, thank you! I tend to agree with you. And I find I am calling myself a vegan more and more these days!

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