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Nonna Lisa's Italian Ristorante of Mackinaw City Review

On our vacation to Michigan we made plans with my sister and her familyMichigan 2010 282
to go to Mackinaw City and over to the island. My mom, who has dined at Nonna Lisa's Italian Ristorante before, recommended this restaurant to us. Being an Italian restaurant I felt comfortable that we would find vegetarian items on the menu.

What I wasn't prepared for was all the animals hung on the walls that were killed and stuffed. I really didn't care for the atmosphere. Later I mentioned that tidbit to mom, who gasped and said she totally forgot about that.

Her heart was in the right place, but vegetarians and those who careMichigan 2010 283
about animal rights and cruelty to animals should be aware that this restaurant has dead stuffed animals all throughout. It's quite sad and disturbing.

Animals aside, we did eat there, as it was getting late and we didn't know where else to go. The service was absolutely horrible. It took one complete hour to get our food once we placed our order! It was awful because between my sister and I we had half a dozen young children to try to entertain during that time (who were so hungry, as we had been out rafting). And it wasn't just our party sitting around with no food. Hardly anyone within our view was eating.

Finally, at about the 55 minute mark I was ready to leave. The waitress (who seemed to disappear through most of our wait) came by the table. We inquired about the food and I told her I was about to walk out. She said it was coming in one more minute.

Not once did she apologize for the slow service or even sound as thoughMichigan 2010 285
she cared at all. She just shrugged it off like it was no big deal (perhaps because with their policy we were automatically assessed an 18% gratuity because we had more than 8 people). She knew that no matter how bad the service was, she was going to get a nice tip out of it.

The food itself was good, once we finally got it. Everyone liked what they ordered (I had spaghetti, my husband and kids had pizza). I'm not sure what others at the table ordered, as I didn't pay much attention to it.

Nonna Lisa's Italian Ristorante is not a restaurant I would ever visit again or recommend to vegetarian diners. Between the dead animals on the walls and the horrible service and wait time for our food, it wasn't worth the high prices we paid to eat there.

Once over on Mackinac Island the next day we did have a decent veggie burger and fries for lunch (I can't recall the name of the place, but it was a small burger stand close to where you get off the ferry). While I didn't see a lot of vegetarian options on Mackinac Island, there was a enough there to get through a lunch.


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Totally agree. These are the things in life that I find it difficult to even *think* makes me so sad.


I agree, Kristina... sad, disturbing and such a waste. Could imagine if other animal species did that to humans?


Oh my goodness! What a horrible surprise :(


I know! I'm hoping by having this review on here other vegetarians may find it before dining there! At least they will have been warned.


Good Lord, looks like you walked into a horror show. I'd expect to see that in a sporting goods store or a backwoods bar, but certainly not a "nice" Italian restaurant. What an unpleasant surprise.


I agree! It was disturbing and sad. Totally not expected from an Italian restuarant.

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