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The best meals that we had on our vacation were those provided by ourMichigan 2010 209
family. Why? Because we got to dine with them and they took the time to find something vegan they could make us. They went out of their way to accommodate our food preference.

My mom made some fruit salad, a cold pasta salad loaded with veggies, corn on the cob (and she even bought Earth Balance for us!), as well as a bean fold over dish that she makes in the oven (like a burrito). Everything was delicious!

On another day my younger sister held a family gathering at her house inMichigan 2010 348 our honor. With the exception of one dish she made everything vegan (even though some of the people who attended turned their nose up to some of the food). She went so far out of her way to make such delicious dishes!

Along with a fruit salad and a vegetable tray, she made a quinoa loaf and a vegan spinach dip. For dessert, she made an apple dish in the crockpot (like crust-less apple pie) and even bought Earth Balance to make it. The apple mixture, once done, is put over vanilla ice cream...and she got us vegan soy ice cream!

The food she made was wonderful. I loved it all and plan to make theMichigan 2010 349 dishes at home. Here's the recipes for the quinoa loaf and vegan spinach dip that she made for the gathering (I highly recommend making them both!).

Thank you to my family for recognizing and being so supportive of our
lifestyle. It is not only noted, but extremely appreciated. We don't expect people to go out of their way to accommodate us like that, so it was a pleasant surprise and a huge gesture of kindness. And the food tasted wonderful! You guys rock!


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Aw! What a great family! :)

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