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This weekend we ate at Darbster, which is located in West Palm Beach,South Florida 034

Florida. I found the restaurant conducting an online search for vegetarian restaurants in the West Palm Beach area, as were headed there for a getaway.

I was happy to find their site online. The restaurant is all vegan and opened in late 2009. Located on a canal, you can choose to sit indoors or on an outdoor patio alongside the water. The restaurant is small, but nice and we liked it. Plus, they have a PETA box outside that offers free vegetarian starter kits.

The menu looked great, plus they offer specials that rotate out each week. It was actually hard to narrow down what we wanted to order because so many options sounded good!

We decided to start with appetizer and got the "trees" wings, which areSouth Florida 030
vegan buffalo-style wings served with celery and dipping sauces. Absolutely delicious!

For our main dishes I ordered the Darbster chickn', which is seared vegetarian chickn' with creamy mushroom gravy, served with mashed potatoes and some zucchini. The dish was great! Loved it all, especially the zucchini!

My husband orderd the tempeh rueben, which had marinated tempeh and sauerkraut on a grilled bread, served with vegan coleslaw. We switched dishes with each other half way through (we do this often so we get to try both dishes). The reuben was was also good.

Although their kid's menu is not online, they did have one. The dishesSouth Florida 032
were $4 each and we ordered one dish of chickn' tenders, served with fries, and one dish of vegan macaroni and cheese. The kids shared the dishes and liked them both.

My only one complaint about Darbster has nothing to do with the food, as it was wonderful. What I was baffled by was being charged $3 per child's drink. Their meal was only $4 and the adult drink was wasn't even that high. So it made no sense that their drinks (which were child size!) would be so expensive - almost as much as their meal cost.

Two thumbs up for Darbster. Great restaurant, nice menu of items toSouth Florida 033
choose from, and good atmosphere. This is a place that we will definetly go to again when in the West Palm Beach area. Next time we may skip the appetizer in place of a dessert (we were too full to try one), as they sounded great.

South Florida 031

South Florida 028

South Florida 029


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Did you go to Sublime in Ft Lauderdale ?


No, we were planning to go the next night. But we came home a day early because the kids were fighting so much. We have been on vacation for two weeks and they were so threw! Next time for sure!

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