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"Change Your Food, Change Your Life" Review

I just finished watching the movie called "Change Your Food, Change YourVegetarian_dvd_2 Life." The movie is available for purchase online, at Or, if you have a Netflix account you can watch it right online through their site, like I did.

The movie is broken down into segments, with the first focusing on a seminar-type talk about nutrition and the benefits of a vegan diet. Next, Jill takes the camera into stores to show you good products to purchase. After that she demonstrates vegan ordering in restaurants. The movie is finished with a couple of cooking demonstrations.

While I already knew the information in the video I think it is a good movie that is well done. This is perfect for anyone new to veganism, as she does a great job of explaining everything and demonstrating what the veganism lifestyle is like. She makes some great points during her nutritional talk that probably really resonate with the audience. I also like that she shows examples of so many vegan food options, so that people see that there are plenty of good food choices out there!

Two thumbs up for this movie. If you know someone who wants to live a healthier life or learn more about veganism, recommend this to them or consider sending them a copy.


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Bea Elliott

Thanks for posting this! Sounds like an interesting primer for the curious to make the dietary change... It's a great start to better thinking! :)

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