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BJ's Brewhouse Veggie Burger Review

A BJ's Brewhouse just recently opened up in Daytona Beach. The placeSmyrna dunes 067
looks nice and others have already told us that it was good. This week we stopped in there and tried the veggie burger with fries.

The atmosphere is quite nice in the restaurant. It's very nice, kind of upscale. They offer a full bar and a large menu of items to chose from (not a lot of vegetarian items, however).

The fries were really good! They give you a choice of wedge cut or thin and crispy. The bun was huge, too big in fact, and I had to chip some of it away. The veggie burger was not the best I've had in a restaurant (Red Robin and Johnny Rockets are my favorite), but it was good.

The menu didn't mention any type of dairy being in the veggie burger.Smyrna dunes 070
However, I contacted the company when I got home to inquire about it and was informed that it does indeed contain milk! So the veggie burger at BJ's Brewhouse is vegetarian, but not vegan.

I'm glad they offer a veggie burger and I like the restaurant atmosphere. But knowing that it's not a vegan burger, I will end up opting for Red Robin or Johnny Rockets when I want a veggie burger and fry fix, as their veggie burgers are vegan.


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I love BJs! I always get their pizza with no cheese, fries, and a big beer. I wish their burger was vegan too, then it'd be a veritable vegan paradise. Luckily, there is a Red Robin in the same shopping center the BJs is in, so I can get fries from BJs to-go, and a burger from RR, lol.


I haven't tried their pizza, maybe I will need to try it!

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