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Fish is Not Vegetarian, a "Well-Balanced" Rant

Seva Restaurant Considers Adding Fish

If you don't live in or visit Michigan you may not be familiar with SevaMichigan 045
restaurant. But many of us are. It's a well-known vegetarian restaurant located in Ann Arbor.

Well, they have decided to expand and open a location in the city of Detroit. While this is great news, there is a down side as well. They are thinking about adding fish to their Detroit restaurant menu. Nothing has been decided completely at this point, so I'm hoping that people will take a moment to e-mail the restaurant and ask them to not add fish, but instead to keep it a completely vegetarian restaurant.

They have been successful being an award-winning vegetarian restaurant for decades, having opened in the 1970s. People have supported it enough that they feel they could have a second location. To add fish seems like a bit of a snub to vegetarians and those who have supported the restaurant since its opening.

Please take a moment to contact the restaurant and encourage them to leave it a vegetarian restaurant, or write a letter to the editor about it. Please remind them that vegetarians do not eat fish, over fishing is destroying our oceans, fish feel pain, and they will not even be able to call themselves a vegetarian restaurant.

Links of interest:

You can find Seva restaurant's site here.

Here is the news article where they discuss the new location and possibly adding fish. You can send a letter to the editor in response to that article here:

My review from visiting the restaurant last year is here.


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