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In the Veg News: Veg Restaurants, July 4th, an Vegan Travel

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There are some interesting vegan, vegetarian and animal rights-relatedNews
news items this week.

You can check these headlines out here:

Going Meatless: Palm Beach County seeing surge in vegan and vegetarian restaurants
When Susan Lerner ate at her first raw vegan restaurant in New York more than 11 years ago, she was amazed. "The food was so good," the West Palm Beach resident said. "I thought this would become big, like sushi restaurants had gotten popular years ago." (continue reading)

Vegan Voyages: Travel takes real planning for those who eat no meat, fish, eggs or dairy
"When Amber Poupore of Detroit takes a cross-country road trip, she packs a big cooler for herself. Cut-up fresh veggies. Pre-cooked tofu and tempeh. Lavash bread. Avocados. Hummus. When she flies, "I have a separate food bag with sprouted nuts and seeds and trail mix," she says. "I bring brown rice salad in my carry-on." (continue reading) Note: the author did not cite the statistics correctly. Really 3% of the population is vegetarian, while 1% is vegan.

Will you be barbecuing or roasting pig or Pug this 4th?
"What will you put on your grill this 4th of July? Pork ribs? Beef burgers? Farm raised Chickens? Or, domesticated dogs? No, not hot dogs? Dogs! The ones we walk on leashes, send to be groomed, purchase clothes to dress up and take to the vet when sick." (continue reading)

Farmers Defend Way of Life on Facebook, Twitter
"When a video of dairy cows being punched and prodded with pitchforks was recently released by an animal rights group, it made the rounds on YouTube and generated the expected angry responses. But it also raised a flurry of outrage from another corner of the Internet: Farmers fought back..." (continue reading)



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