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Eating Contests Go to the Veggie Dogs

Move over hot dog eating contests! Now there is a veggie dog eating contest...

Hopefully other places around the country will start following suit. Not only will it be better on the person's body who is stuffing all that food down their throat, but it will certainly be better for the animals.

The Corner Bar, located in Rockford, Mich., is now hosting a veggie dog eating contest. While food eating contests are not something I find very amusing, I do like the fact that they are promoting veggie dogs and introducing more people to them.

Plus, the veggie dog is a permanent part of their menu, giving people a vegetarian option. So if you are in the neighborhood, you can stop in and support it by eating one (you don't have to try to stuff eight, really).

You can read more about it here and watch the video here:


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