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Another Vegan Cake in the Books

My husband just celebrated his birthday last week. When I asked himCake 003
what kind of cake he wanted, he told me to pick it for him. So I gave it some thought and selected one that I knew he would like.

He loves lemons, so I went on a hunt for a vegan lemon cake recipe. I found one for a bundt cake in "The Joy of Vegan Baking." It sounded great and I decided to make that one. Problem was, my local stores did not have a bundt pan, for whatever reason. So I ended up making it into a round cake.

I went with the vegan lemon frosting recipe from the PETA cookbookCake 004
"Compassionate Cook: Please Don't Eat the Animals" (one of my old favorite cookbooks, by the way).

I put a layer of the lemon frosting in between cake layers. Then I took chocolate and finely grated some over the top. The finished product was another delicious vegan cake and my husband loved it!


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