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10 Healthy Vegan Snacks for Kids

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Looking for some healthy vegan snacks for your kids? There are plenty toHealthysnack
choose from, but sometimes we forget about what they are. Here's a list of 10 healthy (and tasty) vegan snack ideas for kids (and adults).

1. Homemade vegan trail mix. Not only is it easy to make, but kids love it and you can take it everywhere!

2. Peel a banana, dip it into soy yogurt, then roll it in a healthy cereal that thas been crushed. Next, freeze it until ready to eat.

3. A small baked potato cooked quickly in the microwave makes a nice snack, topped with vegan cheese and salsa.

4. Soy yogurt is great topped with fresh fruit and a tablespoon of granola.

5. Make the old "raisins" on a log by spreading peanut butter on celery and topping with raisins.

6. Whip together a quick snack of healthy dry cereal, dried fruit and nuts.

7. Natural peanut butter is great spread on apple slices.

8. Top a healthy fiber-filled waffle with soy yogurt and fresh slicked peaches.

9. Make a smoothie by blending frozen or fresh fruit, banana and juice or soymilk.

10. Healthy dips are a great snack... dip baked tortilla chips into bean, fresh fruit into soy yogurt, pita chips into hummus, graham crackers into natural applesauce, etc.


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