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"Vegan on the Cheap" Book Review

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"Vegan on the Cheap" is by my favorite cookbook author, Robin Robertson. I knewVegan-on-the-cheap
this was going to be a good book before it ever went to print, because I was lucky enough to be able to test some of the recipes during the testing phase.

The release of this book is perfect timing. Many people are experiencing hard financial times and this books aims to help you eat healthy, vegan, and do it all for no more than $2.00 per serving.

It is loaded with a variety of recipes that do not call for purchasing lots of expensive ingredients.

The book also offers a lot of money saving tips to help you save on your grocery bill and still feed your family well. For me, the price of this book alone was worth the tip on freezing the tomato paste in single-use servings. Something I had never thought of doing, but willl immediately adopt (I can stop wasting tomato paste!). The money I will save with that trick alone pays for the book!

There are some other things I appreciate about this book, including:
- The preparation instructions have been designed to be simple and easy to follow.
- There are crockpot recipes included.
- There is a cost comparison chart, showing just how much money you save making food at home.

One of the recipes I tested was for the Very Veggie Burgers. It immediately become my favorite homemade veggie burger recipe. It's great! And it's in this book, so I'm thrilled.

Robin Robertson has helped put many meals on my family dinner table. Two of my other favorite cookbooks are "1,000 Vegan Recipes" and "Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker," are both also by her. With this one, she has hit yet another home run!


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