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Red Robin's Vegan Burger

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Have you tried Red Robin's vegan burger? It's good! We have a new RedLogo
Robin that opened up just minutes down the road. I was thrilled to see the word "vegan" on the menu in the burger section.

I've had the vegan burger a couple of times now and like it. Out of curiousity, I also contacted Red Robin to confirm the bun was vegan, as well. In response they sent me information on the allergen-related foods, for which the bun did not make the list. So according to the information they sent me, the bun would be vegan as well.

So now when you are in the mood for some vegan all-American food, you can check out Red Robin's new vegan burger and have some tasty fries on the side.

If you don't have a Red Robin in your area and still want a good vegan burger and fries, look to local restaurants, or see if you have a Johnny Rockets in your area, as they also have a good vegan burger and fries.


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I was so happy to see the vegan Boca came back to Red Robin :) I also like to get the "Natural Burger," and sub out the meat with Boca. It's cheaper than a lot of the other burgers and comes with a side of melon or fries.


Me too... And I like their fries! The kids love to eat the melon as well. :)

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