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PETA's Public Nudity Gets Woman Arrested

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In typical PETA fashion, they had a woman take her top off in public, inNo_peta
order to educate people about the downside of circuses. Why, I don't know, it's not as if the elephants in the circus are somehow showing breasts, which would ordinarily be covered up in public.

All across the country women go topless, bearing their breasts for a crowd. But it's usually in clubs that you have to be at least 18 to enter. When PETA takes it to a public street they subjecting every person walking by to it, including those with children, the perverts that are getting off on seeing the woman half naked and draped in chains, and more.

This woman got arrested yesterday for doing it. And I say good. I wish they would arrest more of these half-brained protestors that do nothing to actually help animal rights. Pulling your pants down or taking off your top to show the world your boobs does not free elephants from a life of abuse in the circus. Did they really need someone to tell them that?

Perhaps their heart is in the right place in wanting to help them, but the method they have chosen is so far out there and unprofessional that it will not help anything.

Nobody avoided the circus yesterday because they saw Meggan Anderson's boobs. Period.

But what did happen, is that she got PETAs name in the media again (after all, they are media whores and will do anything to get their name mentioned so people keep shelling out money to donate to them). And another thing they did is send a woman home with an arrest record. That could impact her when it comes to obtaining decent jobs or even other aspects of her life.

They still could have tried to educate the public by providing the information and/or even putting on a running video of animal abuse in circuses. In fact, if you scroll through the slideshow of pictures there is a protestor there taking this approach - one that is more effective, professional and lends a better image to animal rights as a whole. But taking your top off in downtown Dallas? Nope. Doesn't cut it. At least when you are outside those walls of a strip club.

You can check out the full article of this here and you can view the arrest video of the woman below. In the article, notice in the picture how the PETA banner reads "circus animals are shackled, lonely, beaten." I wonder why they didn't add "topless" to that as well.

There are several things I find quite humorous about the arrest video:

1) The PETA protestors keep asking the police what she is being arrested for. Are these people really that dumb?

2) In the background you hear one of her buddies saying "we're with you!" and providing her support as she is hauled off to the police station. Um, no. They are not with her. She went alone in that van. She was worked through the arrest process alone. She will carry that arrest record alone. Nobody will do that with her.

3) As she is getting into the van the other protestors cheer, as if something great just happened. Huh? I'm missing why this was a good thing...

Let's be honest here. If getting naked in the name of animal rights actually worked I wouldn't be writing this because it would have ended years ago, when PETA first started it. Because PETA has been getting women to do this for many years and yet the circus still goes on, SeaWorld is still open, fur sales are going strong, and 25 million animals are slaughtered per day in America for omnivores. If it really worked, all this would have stopped when they started their public nudity campaigns.

But it doesn't work. The only thing it does it get PETAs name in the paper and on the news. PETA uses these women with an end goal of fundraising. And getting PETAs name in the paper is not good for anyone, except PETA. They give animal rights a bad name and create a negative stereotype surrounding animal rights. When you say you support animal rights or are a vegetarian or vegan, and then have to defend yourself for your choices, it's often because of the picture PETA has painted in the public eye.


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