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Yes, PETA is at it (yet) again. This time they have decide to have two "beauties" go nakedNo_peta and publicly shower together in Seattle. Why? They claim to bring about the awareness of how much water is used to create beef.

So will people stop eating meat after watching the women shower together? Not likely. All this campaign will have done is add to the ridiculous exploitation of women.

Typical PETA fashion, really. They have a history of exploiting women, which makes them look hypocritical in the eyes of many. Why does PETA do this?

Simply put, PETA's number one concern is money. They do anything they can that is over the top and will draw media attention and they do it for one reason, and it's not animal rights. They do it to keep raking in $34 million per year.

As long as you keep hearing the name PETA in the news you assume they are really doing something good. But their name of the game is just to get their name in the news as many times as possible, so that it resonates with those who want to help animals, and in turn they will open up their wallets.

Problem is, when you give money to PETA you are not helping animals. You are footing the bill for their naked campaigns, offensive billboards, and antics that are used to gain media attention. All things that don't actually do anything for the animals (your money would be far more helpful being given to a local organization, sanctuary, etc.).

It's things like this that demonstrate just what an embarrassment PETA is to the vegetarian, vegan and animal rights movement.

What could they have done to bring attention to the amount of water that goes into beef? How about set up a table that offers literature, answers questions, and demonstrates the amount of water used to create a pound of beef (staffed by fully clothed, informed and articulate people)? Sure, it wouldn't have two naked "beauties" showering together, but at least people would take it seriously.


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