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My Baby Turns Four

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Today my baby turns four! I always make vegan cakes from scratch,Birthday 022
although until recently they haven't always turned out so good. But I've gotten better at it over the years. Or maybe the recipes I've come across have improved. Either way, our vegan birthday cake experiences are getting better.

My son, who has been vegetarian since conception (and is mostly vegan), had his heart set on a Spiderman decorated cake. I looked around everywhere and all I found was the crappy egg white topping ones that can be picked up in any grocery store. I wanted something better.

Years ago, when I lived in Michigan, I used to get these wafer-like decorated images for cakes. They looked great! So I set out on a mission to find one. I located a cake decorating place in Orlando called D & G Occassions. Wow, this place is a cake decorators dream!

And best of all, they created those edible images (custome ones!). They do it within  minutes, they are vegan, super easy to use, look great, and only cost $7.00. You take in any picture you want turned into an edible image and within minutes you have it!

His wish was a white cake with vanilla frosting and a Spiderman topping. IBirthday 044 used recipes from "The Joy of Vegan Baking" and my boy got a vegan Spiderman cake that he was thrilled about (and it tasted pretty good to boot!).

One more vegan birthday in the books. And I am so happy to have found D & G Occassions, which will help me continue to pull off the birthday cake wishes of my kids for years to come!

Happy birthday to my little guy! :)

(Pictured: We had the cake last night because dad was going to be at work all day today.)


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Bea Elliott

Great looking cake! Great story too!
Happy Birthday little guy! :)


That is one awesome cake.


Thank you, Bea and Al!

If you ever want a custom image like that, do a google search for a cake decorating store in your area. Give them a call and see if they sell "edible images."


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