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Last night for dinner I tried another recipe from Robin Robertson's "VeganJune 2010 021 on the Cheap" and was once again was quite pleased! This recipe for linguine with lentils and roasted butternut squash sounded good from the start.

I must say that a couple of steps in this dish are a bit time consuming, so if you are in a hurry to make dinner you will want to save this one for a different day. The lentils need to cook for 45 minutes and then cutting up the butternut squash to roast is no quick task. Why is it so hard to peel and cut butternut sqaush? If anyone has any secrets to make it easier, please share them with me!

Once those two steps are done, the rest of cooking is simple and quick. I finished up the sauce, put everything together and dished it up alongside a bowl of vanilla soy yogurt topped with fresh raspberries.

The dish was delicious! I really liked the unique flavor that it had with the sage and roasted butternut squash. The hubby liked it, as did the kids! Two thumbs up on this dish. I'm sure that I'll be making this one again.


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I would not have thought of combining those things. Interesting.

I usually quarter my butternut and peel with the knife as I'm cutting. Less slippery when on a flat surface. But it's cheaper than getting the precut butternut. That's what I try to keep in mind when it takes so long ;) Well, that and how wonderful it is!


Same here, Jessica! That's how I was doing it. While it is time consuming, you are right, it is much cheaper to buy it and do it yourself. And the book is "Vegan on the Cheap." :)


Yummy! I can't wait for butternut squashes to come in season to try this!


Babette, it may not be peak season for them, but they are in abundance at the grocery store, as well as my local farmer's market. And they are delicious! ;)

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