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I'm a fan of the book "The Joy of Vegan Baking." I've made plenty of tasty dessertsBeach 009
from this book that have delighted both my vegetarian friends and family, as well as those who would typically turn their nose up to anything that you told them was vegan.

Tonight I needed a cookie recipe to make for my daughter's preschool graduation tomorrow. They need parents to bring cookies for a cookie/punch reception.

I decided upon "The Joy of Vegan Baking" recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I did not put any nuts in them, and I used the vegan chocolate chips from Whole Foods Market. Also, the recipe says it makes one dozen cookies. I opted to make them smaller, so I yielded double that amount, and they are still a nice portion.

These cookies were absolutely delicious! Two thumbs way up! I arranged them nicely in a reusable container and labeled them as being vegan (no eggs, no dairy) so that others may find vegan food if they are seeking it, and so that anyone skeptical of vegan food may try it and see how wonderful it really is.


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