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Trading One Animal's Well Being for Another's

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Some people just don't "get it." They just don't make the connection. Maybe it never passes their mind, or for someNo meat reason they feel that some animals are worth having compassion for, while others are not. But when I see something like I saw in the local paper this morning, it really makes shows just how much people are out of tune with what is going on with animals and their own dietary choices.

In the Daytona Beach News Journal this morning I was perusing the "happenings" list to see what events are going on around town (see the list here).

About half way down the page I come to an event titled "Eat and Help Animals." Okay, now this is something I can get into, it has to be based on vegetarianism if eating and helping animals is involved. So I read on...

"Rescued Hearts Animal Shelter will have a lunchtime fundraiser at the Ormond Beach Outback Steakhouse on June 12. A full meal with beverage is $10. For tickets call, 386-566-3734."

Sigh. So what this animal shelter is doing is trading one animal for another. They are promoting having compassion and helping certain animals... as they invite you to dine on others.

That's not the way it is supposed to work.

I did a quick search to see if the group had a site and they do, here. Looks like they help the usual cat and dog animal population.

The title for the event should have been "Eat and Help Cats & Dogs," not animals. You can never dine on steak cows (assuming they are eating meat because it's a steakhouse that is not vegan friendly) and help "animals."

Yes, I will be dropping them a note to share this post with them.


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I am so glad you posted this one. In the area where I live, the most common form of fundraising is having a Boston Butt sale and that includes fundraisers for animal welfare groups. Drives me crazy.


I agree, it's totally crazy! People just don't get it. Hopefully someday they will make the connection!


I've noticed this as well; the animal shelter at which I volunteer recently held a "hot dog eating contest" to benefit the (you guessed it--cat and dog) shelter. I obviously didn't attend. While their work with dogs and cats is certainly commendable, this really frustrates me. I also find it intriguing that the title "EAT and Help Animals" is phrased in such a way that, when I first read it at least, "animals" appeared to be the direct object of "eat" as well as "help!" Just sounded a bit illogical that animals were going to be eaten and helped simultaneously. On another note, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blog! I am 20 and only know one other vegan (or ethical vegetarian as I've noticed you prefer) and I think this blog really sheds some positive light on veganism/vegetarianism.


Chelsea, thank you for your feedback. I think this type of thing happens frequently. It's quite annoying to those of us who try to protect more than just cats and dogs!

Not only was that hot dog eating contest harmful to animals beyond dogs and cats, but it was harmful to the human animal. Hot dogs contain nitrates, which are carcinogens. So that shelter traded whatever animals were in the hot dogs, as well as human health, in exchange for the cats and dogs. Ugh.

Thank you for the compliment about the blog. I'm glad you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

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