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PETA's Stupidity Strikes Again

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Yes, folks, they have done it again. PETA has managed to once again make those of us who care about animal rights and vegetarianism look like wacko's. This time they have taken to taunting the victims of the recent massive oil spill. You can read more about this here.

Flying a plane overhead, carrying a banner that reads “Meat on your grill=Oil Spill. PETA” they managed to upset many.

Do they not realize all the oil they used in flying that plane?

Furthermore, we are all responsible for the oil spill. Maybe not directly, but all of us are responsible for the consumption of it, which is the reason they are down there in the first place. To place the blame for an oil spill on someone because they eat meat is just plain stupid and does nothing to help people get interested in vegetarianism or animal rights.


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