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PETA Leaves a Lot to be Desired

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I've written before about how PETA is involved in the killing of animals and howNo_peta
they are actually an animal welfare organization, not really an animal rights one (see here and here). But there are many people out there that still do not seem to get the gist of what is wrong with PETA.

Sure, if you read their colorful magazine they send out touting all their "victories" you will think they are amazing and will likely be ready to write your check to contribute to the $34 million they rake in each year (nearly $1.3 million of it in the dividends category - their stock share from the killing of animals). But take the time learn a little more about the company, from outside what they say, and you may see as I do, that they leave a lot to be desired.

PETA not only kills nearly all the animals that they take in, but they also profit from the death of animals. They do this by owning stock in many companies that make animal products, including Tyson Foods and Carl's Jr.

While PETA claims that they do this so they can "have a say" at the meetings, I suggest they could provide their insight without reaping the rewards of the animal killing company having a profitable year. Furthermore, when they "have their say" with these companies they are not asking them to stop killing animals. No... they are just asking them to be nice to the animals up until their slaughter.

That's animal welfare, not animal rights. And by getting companies to "be nice" to the animals up until slaughter you are merely prolonging the use of the animals. So long as people feel a little better about how the animals are being treated, the slaughter of them will forever continue. If you really care about people not eating animals you have to support animal rights. Which is an end to their use and slaughter.

An animal rights organzation would fight for the end of slaughtering animals. Not that they get larger crates or no crates at all, leading up to slaughter. They would fight to stop the slaughter and to get people to have more compassion for animals, which would include not want to eat them.

Please, take the time to learn more about PETA. There are very few things they do well. While they are good at fundraising, they also do a lot of things that are not good, like objectify women, offend the audience, make vegetarians look like weirdo's, kill animals, and profit from animal death and suffering.

PETA polarizes the vegetarian and animal rights community. It seems you either love them or hate them. You believe they are the end-all-be-all in the movement, or you feel they do more harm than good. Sometimes, as in my case, you start out at one end of the spectrum and the more you learn about them over the years, the more you move to the other.

Need some links to verify the info, here you go:

Here's where they happily announced they are part owner of the dreadful chicken killing business:
PETA buys stock in Kraft/Oscar Meyer:
In poor economy, PETA buys stock in meat-heavy restaurants:


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