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Gateway to India, Longwood, Florida - Restaurant Review

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Today we went to Big Tree Park to see a 3,500 year old bald cypress tree. It'sBig tree 055
located at a park in Longwood, Florida, which is in the Orlando area. Not only is that amazing tree there, but just feet away there is also a 2,000 year old bald cypress tree. Both are absolutely awesome to see!

Since we were planning on going to Longwood to visit Big Tree Park, we figured we would stop for lunch as well. Before driving over there I did some searching online to pick a place to dine at. We decided upon "Gateway to India," which is an Indian restaurant, also located in Longwood.

We choose this place because I was looking for an Indian restaurant and liked how they depicted the vegan options they offer right on their site.

The restaurant is nicely decorated in an authentic Indian flare. They do offer an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, the vegan options are not on the buffet. The buffet mostly consisted of meat-based dishes. So we ordered off the menu.

We ordered a few dishes and shared them all, including samosas, channa massalaBig tree 042
(chickpeas), tadka dal (yellow lentils), basmati rice, and roti (bread). We given a choice of mild, medium or hot, to which we opted for mild. The food looked delicious as it was served and tasted great!

We both really enjoyed everything we ordered. It was hard to narrow down what we wanted to eat here, because we had other options we also wanted to try as well, such as the okra and eggplant, so we will have to go back again and try those dishes!

My only minor complaint is that if you get the buffet (which is around $10 per person), you get as much bread as you would like and it's all included. We ordered off the menu and overall spent more than that, yet we had to pay $3 for one piece of bread to share. It would have been nice to have more, but at $3 we didn't want to order additional.

Overall: Nice atmosphere, good service and great food! Two thumbs up for "Gateway to India" in Longwood, Florida.

Big tree 043

Big tree 040



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