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Admiring Butterflies in Oviedo

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Kids love butterflies. So do many adults. And while my kids have seen all theButterflies 008
butterfly catching nets available at local stores, I use those to teach my kids why we wouldn't want to use nets and catch butteflies.

All the same, they are still in awe of them. So I heard about a local butterfly encounter, located in Oviedo, Florida (in the Orlando area). Yesterday we took the kids over there, so they could see the butterflies up close.

The butterfly encounter is located at a big nursery. The nursery has an amazing array of beautiful flowers, trees and bushes! The butterfly encounter is loaded with natural plants and plenty of butterflies floating around. The kids were delighted with how the the butterflies would land on them.

Just one more experience in raising kids to appreciate nature and all its creatures...

Butterflies 015Butterflies 019


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