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What do vegetarians eat? At Central Florida Earth Day, a lot!

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Today we attended the Central Florida Earth Day festival in Orlando. It was our third year attending the event, which we always have a good time at. This year I also took the liberty of setting up the table for The Vegetarian Resource Group (a great group, by the way!).

So just what do vegetarians eat? When you attend this event, you get a wide selection of vegan food to choose from. All the food offered at the event is vegan, leaving you to make a decision between so many great options!

We opted for a plate from one of our favorite Orlando restaurants, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, as well as a plate of the Indian food. All of it was great!

Check out the pictures below to see what vegan food we noshed on today at the event. And this was just a small portion of what was available!

Earth festival 007
(From Ethos Vegan Kitchen - BBQ Chickun Sandwich, baked beans, corn on the cob)

Earth festival 008 (Indian combination plate - rice, samosa, chole, and jalebi)

Earth festival 009
(Kayla enjoying some cool watermelon on a hot Orlando day) 


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