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Vegetarian and Vegan Kid Teacher / Caregiver Brochure

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Please feel free to download the vegetarian kid brochure or the vegan kidTri-fold-brochure
, and use it as you would like. Also, feel free to pass it along to your friends, and others who may need it.

Printing / Use Instructions

First print one page, then put it back into your printer and print the next page. This way it will come out as one sheet of paper with copy on both sides. Then, simply fold the brochure into three parts, so that it is a tri-fold brochure, with the "Vegetarian Guide regarding:" panel as the cover.

This brochure has been designed so you can customize it. On the first page (Vegetarian Guide regarding:), add the date you are providing it, as well as who you are giving it to. Following "Vegetarian Guide regarding:" add in your child's first/last name. When you open it, the first panel on the left should read "My child, ______ is a..." Add in your child's name. On the back of the brochure you should have the "additional information" section, where you can write in any specifics, such as if you have provided veg*an snacks, allergies, etc. Then, at the bottom, be sure to add in your name and contact info.

Choose your brochure and click to download (you can immediately print, or save it on your computer):

Download Vegetarian_kid_brochure

Download Vegan_kid_brochure

I hope that you vegetarian parents find this helpful. It is just one of many tools that may help simplify conveying our lifestyle choices to others.

Please feel free to contact me or leave feedback below. Thank you!

P.S. Thank you to my sister for making my writing look so pretty!


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