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Vegan Mexican Lasagne (or Vegan Tortilla Casserole)

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Vegan tortilla casserole is a dish that is easy to make, tasty and looks great!

You can easily make a vegan tortilla casserole by using tortillas (corn, flour, any type) and layering it. In a bowl combine a can of drained/rinsed pinto beans, chopped green chilis, softened onions, two cups of frozen thawed corn, some spices (cumin/oregano - about a teaspoon of each), and chopped tomatoes.

Using a lightly oiled baking dish, put a layer of tortillas, layer of the mixture, top with grated vegan cheese. Then repeat.

Bake it in a 425F oven for about 20 minutes. Cut, top with vegan sour cream, and serve. Yum!


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