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Should pain be the criteria when it comes to eating animals?

Response to and About Eating Oysters

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I just finished reading this post on, regarding this article on Oysters 
The article on says in the title bar "Its OK for vegans to eat oysters." And seems to back that notion, by reading their post.

Can someone please tell me when oysters became plants? Vegans eat plants. This person who wrote the article keeps calling himself a vegan. He's not. Oysters are not plants. So he should really stop calling himself a vegan.

Odd enough that seemed to second the piece. He even goes as far as saying that the "bad guys" are the vegans who put oysters and veal on the same playing field. He ends it by saying "Life is complicated, and so is effective animal advocacy."

It's not that complicated. Some of us are against the eating of all animals and some are not. Wich are you? As for me, oysters are in the same playing field as veal. They are both animals.

Regardless of their sustainability, contribution to mankind, how much pain they feel or may not feel, or how good they may taste, animals have a life of their own and it's unethical for humans to take it from them as if they don't (especially just to crap it into the toilet the next day).

The writer wrote this piece because he, like so many others, wants to call himself a vegan, but isn't. He wants to get more "vegans" eating oysters. That will help him feel better about doing it. He is merely justifying the eating of an animal in his post. In this case, something ridiculous was written, which takes the life of an animal, and it was touted as being worthy of considering, by...., of all sites.

Wow. Is it just me? How could not get this? Oh, that's right, according to him, I'm just one of those "...knee-jerk vegans who come out of the woodwork spewing venom."

...Or was this all a belated April Fool's Joke? Hmm... I can only hope.

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Did you notice that the Contact Form to the author of the article doesn't work? I can't even tell him/her that I completely disagree with the argument.

As for the guy on, he's definitely not a vegan anymore.


Dianne, I left feedback on the Facebook site, as well as on Ridiculous stuff and I can't believe that would make such remarks. We vegans, who care about all animals, are the "bad guys." Sheesh!

Ralph Emerson

yes, vegans should be consistent on this

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