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Over the weekend I visited a history museum in Orlando. One of the areas that  focused on local history had information about how early residents lived and even what they ate.

They offered up these typical recipes from days gone by (pictured). I thought it was interesting to see recipes containing squirrel and possum (and a tidbit of info about eating armadillo and the challenge of de-shelling it), considering finding recipes being used like this today would be rare. Likewise, most meat eaters today would not be willing to eat these dishes.

It got me thinking... 100 years from now will people look back at all the recipes that we now have floating around for cooking chicken, turkey, pigs, etc.? I would imagine that back when people were regularly dining on squirrel soup, they didn't think that decades later it would be quite rare for people in the same geographic area to eat it.

Maybe the day will come when people will look at chicken soup and roasted turkey recipes and find them just odd as we do one for squirrel soup or baked possum. We can only hope...


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I hold that hope too.

I think Food, Inc. circulating around is helping. I've seen quite a few folks post that it's online through April 29.

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