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Kudos to San Francisco for Going Meat Free on Monday (Vegetarian Day)

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Have you heard the news that the city of San Francisco approved Meat FreeSan-francisco
Monday's? They are encouraging businesses to offer more plant-based options each Monday and for people to take advantage of them. You can read more about it here.

The weekly Vegetarian Day will benefit the animals, of course, but will also be good for the planet and people's health. It could also prompt people to gain a better appreciation for vegetarian foods and maybe they will prepare and order them more often throughout the week.

Last month when Michigan declared one day a meat free day people, especially those who make money from selling animal flesh, were in an uproar. Will this happen in California? Let's hope not. The good word about vegetarianism is getting out.

San Francisco was also first to ban the dreadful plastic bags. Too bad it's so darn expensive to live there, or may have considered packing my bags to move. I have been there several times and do love the city. This makes me love it even more!

You can read more about Meat Free Monday's here, it's being promoted by Paul McCartney.


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