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"In the Veg New" - Starbuck's, Cows on Drugs, Dead Cows and Pigs

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ArticlesIn this issue of "In the Veg News" there is a variety of good and bad.  

Starbuck's is going to start offering vegan frappuccino's. I figured they always had them! You can read about it here. This is good if you like frappuccino's, but bad for the amount of additional plastic cups that will be used in the process.

You can read an op-ed about cows being on drugs here. Cows are given an incredible amount of antibiotics to try to keep them disease free before slaughter.

And 13 pigs were beat to death with a hammer (here), along with dead calves found on a farm (here). The animals just can't catch a break.

And finally, with Earth Day being tomorrow, this next story is a powerful reason why we need to be cautious about our contribution to pollution. A whale died off the Washington coast this week and when the medical examiners tried to figure out why, they learned the whale was filled with human gargage, including bags, clothing, surgical gloves, towels, duct tape, and more. You can read the story here.


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